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Working out at home is convenient, allows for more freedom, there is no waiting in line, you can wear whatever you want, and the list goes on and on…. However, it can be tough to find a plan that fits your goals and stick to it every day. Some days you walk into the garage and have no idea what to do, or any motivation to do it. The programs below help alleviate this issue.

Street Parking

Overview: Street Parking evolved from Miranda and Julian posting random workouts while traveling or while super busy so getting a session in at home – to a daily program that those with a busy schedule can follow.  The program is designed specifically for people who train at home or on the road with minimal equipment or time.  Most of the workouts are high-intensity circuits like CrossFit style workouts.  Street Parking also offers 5 accessory workouts per week that can be added in (or not) based on the goals of the athletes following.  These include Street Parking Oly, Street Parking Endurance, Street Parking Power, Butts and Guts, and Suns Out Guns Out.

Three versions of the workout are posted every day based on what equipment you have available and scaling or substitution options for different levels are always included.  Every day there is a demo video showcasing the movements.  These are available through the program’s private Instagram and Facebook pages set up for members.

Equipment Needed: There are 3 variations of the workout every day based on equipment. These aren’t LEVELS, just options that you can pick from for the workout that day.
  •  Program A is for the minimalist.  All that is required here are a set of dumbbells or 2, a jump rope, and ideally a med ball and something to pull yourself up on (this can even be a doorway pull up bar or some TRX bands for rows.)
  • Program B is for those that have the above (med ball, jump rope, pull up something) and also have a bar and plates!
  • Program C is for those who have more of a full garage gym.  This person may have access to a rack, a bike or a rower etc.

ALTR Project

Overview:  ALTR is a game changer for garage athletes! They are the FIRST completely customisable tool for your unique gym, schedule & training regime. The easy user interface (and powerful back end) allows you to create methodized and concise programs, unique to you.

Testimonial from Rob Wheatley: “When I moved from Mount Maunganui to Taranaki, I decided to invest in a garage gym… But the best investment I made was in ALTR. As an L1 Trainer and Kids trainer, I know enough about CrossFit to do this myself, but ALTR makes it so simple that I don’t need to. It takes about 5 clicks of my mouse, and I’m programmed for the week. The programming is specific to me, the equipment I have and my standard. It has been stuff I would never dream of programming for myself (running and pushups!!) and so is the perfect companion. I’ve been recommending it to anyone and everyone I know, and will continue to do so!”

Equipment Needed:  There are options to exclude the equipment you do not have available. You can also manually change/edit/scale ANY workouts.

Underground RX

Overview: Underground RX offers a private online program which can be accessed anywhere in the world on any device. We strive to deliver the best programming as well as the best support network to make sure you are receiving everything you need to succeed. It doesn’t matter if you are a Beginner, or an Elite CrossFitter. Whether you are a Teen or a Master, we have the program that will make you a better athlete.

It is no secret that to excel in CrossFit you need to be working on your weaknesses. With our Speciality Programs you can choose one or more of our four Specialities – Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Cardio or Muscle Endurance – in addition to the Athlete Program. This means you have the ability to focus extra time on the area that you need the most work. With HRV monitoring and the Athlete Support Forum as well as monthly Q&A’s with Head Coach John Templeton you know you are getting access to World Class Programming for results that are proven in competition.”

Equipment Needed: General CrossFit Equipment – barbells, dumbbells, wall balls, rower, assault bike, pull up bar, Olympic rings, etc



Our Online Membership provides several remote coaching services, including personalized pacing, technical support, individual performance assessment, and feedback.

Our mission is to help build robust “engines” in our athletes utilizing the Concept2 Indoor Rower and SkiErg as our training centerpieces.

Membership includes:

  • Access to weekly training plans on a private Facebook forum.
  • Online coaching and technical support.
  • Personalized pacing and performance feedback.

Membership Requirements

  1. An accurate 2k time trial for 
  2. Access to one (or all) of the Concept2 machines we use
  3. A digital camera/phone (for screenshots of training session summaries)

The Barbell WOD

Overview: Barbell WOD is a holistic approach to barbell work designed to promote strength, power and function.  The Barbell WOD incorporates programming for simultaneous gains in your Squat, Press and Olympic Lifts with 3 workouts/week completed in under an hour that are purposefully designed to leave energy for additional Metcon and Skill workouts throughout your training week.  Whether you are a garage-gym warrior, just joined a local CrossFit box or are a seasoned Open competitor, The Barbell WOD will make you a better athlete and ready to tackle any challenge thrown your way.  The Barbell WOD is programmed monthly by Coach Dave Spitz, owner of California Strength, who also programs for many top-level CrossFit Athletes including Noah Ohlsen, Colleen Fotsch, Jackie Perez and Rita Benavidez.  Coach Dave Spitz, CSCS is a Senior USAW International Coach and his California Strength Men’s Team finished in 2nd Place and the Women’s Team in 3rd Place at the 2016 USA Weightlifting National Championships.

Through the TrainHeroic mobile application, you are welcomed into a unique virtual coaching experience where you can upload lifting videos for analysis and have your questions answered by the California Strength Coaching Staff.

Equipment Needed:  General Crossfit box equipment -Barbell and Bumper, Plates, Set of Dumbbells or Kettle Bells, A Pull-Up Bar and Squat Rack, Medicine Ball, Plyometric Box (approx. 24 Inch)
Optional: Glute Ham Raise Machine (substitutions available)

Bodyweight Built

Overview: Bodyweight Built has been developed so the user can do the workouts anywhere. There are 4 programs offered, including a 1 on 1 customized training and food plan, which is updated monthly. It is made specifically for the clients’ goals and lifestyle. You can workout at home, outdoors or even in a hotel room for the busy traveler. This was designed off the back of Matt’s own body transformation success after quitting weights and the gym and using only calisthenics and body weight training to completely transform bodies worldwide.

Equipment Needed: The only equipment that CAN be used is a pull-up or dip bar if you have access to it, but this can be replaced by a chair or even monkey bars at a local park. The 1 on 1 customized program can be done with ZERO equipment.