The Garage Gym Experiment is dedicated to those that workout at home, because there may be nobody else watching.

Who are Garage Gym Owners? They are self-motivated, live busy lives, and know the benefits of an active lifestyle. They are Runners, Bikers, Olympic Weightlifters, Bodybuilders, Powerlifters, and CrossFitters. They are moms, dads, blue collar, white collar, rich, poor, and aspiring, current, or retired athletes. They are many types, but are all driven, disciplined, and hard-working individuals.

What do Garage Gyms look like? Some have all the equipment one could ever need, while others are limited. The gym may take up the entire garage, or just a little corner. Most are built with a piece of equipment at a time, but others do make the full jump right away. There is not a “correct” way to set up your gym, and it’s more important how it actually used.

Why own a Garage Gym? It does not have to be your only fitness option, but there are so many benefits to having the ability to workout at home. No lines, it’s more convenient, wear what you want, save money over time, customize it any way you’d like, and the list goes on and on. Overall, it allows for much more freedom in regards to when and how you workout.

Keep Slammin’!