Squat Racks

These racks will allow you to perform multiple types of lifts such as squats and can be used to store the barbell. 

PRX squat racks are the ultimate space saver for your home gym. Only 4″ of wall space is needed when not in use as it folds against the wall. A kipping bar is also included which adds another dynamic element to this piece of equipment.

Rogue is also known for having many quality Squat Racks. We suggest finding one with a pull-up bar as well, which will add another element to your home gym. Just make sure to measure the height of your ceiling before purchasing one of these. Here is a red SML – 2C Squat Stand.  It is a high-quality squat rack and there are many colors to choose from.

Racks like this Titan Power Rack are sturdy and come at a good price. This will allow you to safely perform lifts like the squat and do pull-ups within your workout area.

Just need a basic squat rack? Cap offers an exercise stand that will give you a lot of bang for your buck at just $99.

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