Grow your Garage Gym

For the most part, garage gyms are built over time by obtaining one or a few products at a time.  A barbell and some bumper plates are the best way to get started.

The barbell is the centerpiece to any garage gym and where you should start if you are looking for the first piece of equipment. No matter what you are training for, this tool will help build strength endurance, and explosiveness.

Find a Barbell

Bumper plates are necessary for lifts like the deadlift, snatch, and power clean. They are also important because they do not ruin the floor and make less noise.

Research Bumper Plates

A barbell and bumper plates will be a great start, but the more equipment, the better.  A squat rack is another important piece if you have space. Racks will allow you to perform multiple types of squats and can be used to store the barbell.

Check out the Racks

Kettlebells are a great addition to any home gym.  A whole body workout can be performed with one of these, or it can be a great supplement to any other workout.

More Kettlebells

A solid pair of dumbells will add more versatility to the garage gym. They can also be used for a complete full body workout.

Explore Dumbells

It’s hard to admit it, but getting enough cardio is important too, both high intensity and low intensity.

More Cardio Equipment

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